How to take care of your Braces

  • Brush your teeth using the orthodontic brushes after every meal or at least 3 times a day , taking into consideration to change it every once in awhile .....
  • You may gargle with lukewarm water & salt for a better cleaning and to prevent gums inflammation
  • Avoid eating hard and sticky food such as : apples , nuts and toffee .
  • Minimize your intake of soft drinks .
  • In case of the pain or discomfort during the treatment plan , Which a common matter , you may take a pain killer , or use the orthodontic wax in areas where in hurts .
  • If any part of the braces become loose or breaks , report to the clinic by taking an immediate appointment . do not keep it until your appointment
  • Elastic should be worn throughout the day except while brushing & if accident one elastic snaps , you should replace elastics on both sides .
  • Take care of your retainer & always keep them with you at all times .
  • Following your Doctor‘s instructions and not missing your scheduled appointment appreciated to ensure ideal result .

Instructions of Whitening

Here is a simplified instruction after the in clinic Bleaching .....

  • Brush your teeth and use floss to clean between teeth .
  • Avoid the colored drinks such as : tea , coffee and soft drinks.
  • Avoid smoking and all tobacco products .
  • Avoid colored food such as : soy sauce , red sauces , ketchup & mustard , for the next 48 hours .
  • We advise you to have colorless foods such as white rice and plain yogurt .
  • You may use the relieving gel to reduce the sensitivity pain , or panadol as a pain killer if the pain remains .

Instructions of After Surgery

Instruction to follow in the first 24 hours after surgery :

  • Preferably eat cold & soft food for the first 24 hours of the surgery and avoid eating hard or hot food
  • In case of medication prescriptions follow the doctor instructions precisely .
  • Eat on the opposite side of the operation site .
  • Surgery site should not be touched by finger or tongue suctioning bloos to give chance for healing .
  • Avoid rinsing & spitting for the first 24 hours to help keep blood clot in the extraction site .
  • Apply ice packs for 15 minutes every half an hour during the first hours to minimize swelling .
  • Avoid smoking as smoking delays healing process .
  • swelling or pain could occur after extraction or surgery this is a normal reaction & will reduce gradually .
  • In case of suturing , patient should recall after a week for suture removal .


Instructions of Home Bleaching

Here is simplified instruction for using the Home bleaching Kit : .....

  • Brush your teeth and use to clean between teeth .
  • Drop a lentil size of the bleaching gel into the whitening tray .
  • Place bleaching tray securely onto each teeth and leave for 2 hours maximum .
  • After use , rinse mouth with water . No need to brush your teeth again .
  • If sensitivity occurs , use the product every other day or even less .
  • Each cartridge should last for several days .
  • You can use the home bleaching set until the desired result is achieved .
  • You may take Panadol as a pain killer to reduce the sensitivity pain .